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To provide suitable solutions, which may be successfully implemented,
it is necessary to possess expertise in tax area, as well as the knowledge
of the profile of particular economic sectors . Our professional team offers
services to entrepreneurs in the following branches:

Chemical industry

  • credit, chemical sector group – euro 50 million, a 3-year-long project
  • restructuring of a chemical sector company

Metal industry

  • grants for metal sector company – PLN 12.0 million
  • credit, metal sector company – PLN 6.3 million

Chemical industry, plastics

  • credit, plastic sector company – euro 4.5 million
  • restructuring of a plastic sector company


  • grant for media sector company – PLN 670 thousand

Real estate sector

  • outsourcing of accountancy and personnel department of a developer company
  • investment and working capital credit – over PLN 10.0 million
  • capital investor: PLN 2.1 million

Forestry sector

  • outsourcing of accountancy and personnel department of a company trading products for forestry

Construction of service centers, office centers as well as trade and entertainment centers

  • crediting for  A-type office and trade center (Kupiec Poznanski) – PLN 100 million credit worth
  • crediting, shopping malls – PLN 720 million
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